this poem i just wrote. i think its my favorite so far. its a lot different from the rest. i feel sorry for people who really have to live like this. thankfully i never had to, but i did loose a brother when we were both young. i know its not the same but

to give he takes

she lays in the hospital bed
with her first born right at her side
he knows it wont be long
still her pain she tries to hide
he holds her hand and wispers
words she'd hoped to hear
he held her head in his arms
he stayed with her so near
when he fell asleep she tried not to cry
for she was affraid he would wake
she left him so peacefully sleeping
for she knew his heart she would break
when he woke in the morning his mother was gone
but in the room there layed a new life
he gently held his new baby sister
as he rocked her he started to cry
he smiled when he looked at her
she smiled right back at him
for they both new of the life they would have
and they were both ready to begin
he held his new sister and sung her a song
about a life that they would soon have
and how he knows how hard it would be
to never know your mom or real dad
how he hopes that one day she could realize
the true beauty of this day
that in order for god to give a new life
god must take one away

Poetry by kitty
Read 664 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 19:14

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