Hope you have fun with this one

A Short Tale (The Hidden Package) Adult content


Keep an open mind
don't just read listen
He watched her with
foul thoughts as her
body was beaded with
sweat and the sun made
it look as if she glistened

She had tight hip hugger jeans
on, which was hot for this time
of month
but it was Ok he thought as
he watched her it showed off
her a$$ off a bunch

The siloette was banging
hourglassed as if she had
all the time in the world
he was thinking this
has to be someone's girl

She's way off the hook
Like a busy signal
or a fish name Houdini
How could she have such
huge jugs & a$$ yet her waste
be so tiny

Oh check out the Camel Toe
(pardon me Ladies)
Damn this chicks got it all
She a little stocky though
and a bit tall


Oh check this nica out
he's got me peeped
I know what he's thinking
he must be hard up or just plain

This nica thinks he got it going
on, but he really missed it
if he thinks he's getting in
these draws he's got it

Cause if he wants some
he'll get more than he
bargained for
but if he tries to get
some play I'll really have
something in store

The Hidden Package

He finally got up the courage
to walk over she said with
a grin "You're Cute"
then thought to herself
so sue me because it
wasn't the truth

He asked her "What's your name"
she answered "Jenny"
he said boy you have some
"ASS"sets she answered
that's just two of many

He said what are you doing tonight
I have some time to waste
she laughed coming out straight
asking him did he want a taste

He asked if she was serious
she said no games yes or no
he couldn't believe his luck
rushing and telling her to
let's go

In the Motel room
she tied him up
saying she loved games
and after she was done
he could do the same

She yelled from the bathroom
telling him if he wanted her
to come out he have to say
when he opened his eyes
this chick had a D&*(
that hung down to her knees.

LOL Now who's F&*(ing Who?


This is to all you
P&*&^ hounds
& sex addicts
don't jump at
every hourglassed
figure or you too
may find a Hidden Package

LOL... Hope it was enjoyed!!!

Poetry by Will
Read 458 times
Written on 2006-08-15 at 22:15

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Kathy Lockhart
for some strange reason, I sort of knew what that hidden package was. I didn't even understand some of the words and symbols but I got the message loud and clear. Funny story alright! Moral: get to know the Person before you get to know anything else. lol kathy

thats really funny turn at the end.

"He finally got up the courage
to walk over she said with
a grin "You're Cute"
then thought to herself
so sue me because it
wasn't the truth"

that was my favorite part by far. nice work