To my father about the way he is.
Alot of anger in this one..

Back of and shut the fuck up

I cried my self to sleep last night.
Just because of my dad.
He keeps telling me I suck at school,
But I really don't.
He don't know that I'm doing the best I can,
And that I can't get any better than what I have.
I'm just a freshment,
What can he expect?
I can't get all A-es.
So what if I'm not that smart as he WAS.
I can't help it.
I'm dummer,
Do I care?
Cause I'm happy just the way I am.
So back of "Dear" father.
Back of and shut the fuck up.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 465 times
Written on 2006-08-15 at 23:17

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Sleep peacuful tonight, and never forget who you are, a beautiful, bright little star. Just like Bob Marley "Everything gonna be alright"

you'll do fine. i just finished freshmen year, it suckkkked. and basically the last line, ILOVEDIT. so work your ass off and you'll be fine.

Take it easy, it's OK don't get distracted, you do your best don't get upset about it.
Just do your best.
Good way to get it off your chest

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