Just something I've been wondering for a long time...

Impure Heart

Her heart is impure!

So black and decayed

But who am I to throw stones

The coldness surrounds her

Like a black cloud about to rain

Her eyes are bottomless pits

I fear the look in her eyes

Her heart is impure

But I fear

So is mine

So why do I look at her like this?

Why is she such a horror to look at

She stares at death as if its a wonder

But so do I

I fear that my heart is just as cold

My eyes the same bottomless pit.

I shiver to think of the wonders of death.

So cold, so decayed, so black is my heart.

So why do I refuse to walk hand in hand with that girl.


Poetry by Claudia
Read 511 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 03:22

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You are who you love, not what you love. I like it.

keith nunes
a fine poem and a tough question