i am in sitting in front of my computer
it's completely dark in here except for my monitor
i just spent the last hour
on my kitchen floor
drinking a 112 dollar bottle of whiskey
who the hell buys that shit anyways?
i don't know whats wrong with

untitled again

how she crawls around this world
looking for something she'll never find
she's just to stupid to realize it
she guards her heart
her trust
her friendship
for those few who actually listen
who actually care
but she's just another fool
roaming this earth lost
she hasn't figured it out yet
no one in this world cares

or maybe she has already figured it out
maybe she's just to stupid to face the facts

who is she KIDDING?
what does she EXPECT?
somebody to CARE?
somebody who's an actual FRIEND?
those don't exist
they stopped existing
she should stop caring

or maybe she already did
maybe she already curled into some pathetic little ball
attempting to protect herself from the savage world
trying to keep what little bit of hope she has left

she should kill it
because it exist

Poetry by Claudia
Read 690 times
Written on 2007-06-29 at 07:29

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i enjoyed reading the poem....i too am feeling the same thing for quite sometime!!
kip up ur good wrk!