C&C (Trainer of Champions)

Chad & Charles elite
trainer & nutrionist
They cost a grip to hire
because they're the best
at this

Charles Glass trainer of Champions
with countless bodybuilders, wrestlers
and sports figures on his resume
and many of these ppl. became
the best and elite because they
did training his way

Chad Nicholls nutrionist
when it comes to perfecting your
diet he's your man
tightening your frame or building size
he's the best carbs, protein, calories
fat, etc all this he understands

Gunter hired C & C
he's taken his physique
to new heights
this past Olympia
he presented the best physique
in his life

Will Gunter ever win the ultimate
prize only time will tell
but sticking with Charles & Chad
makes him smart as hell

So if you ever had a
favorite wrestler or pro athlete
you have to give props to C&C
because following their guidance
takes you from pro to elite

Train Hard, Train Heavy or Go Home

Poetry by Will
Read 405 times
Written on 2006-08-18 at 18:59

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Nice tribute to them!! Sometimes the best is worth it, even if it is expensive!! Lasting results, I am sure;)

Kathy Lockhart
I learn from you. You teach me more than you know. Does it sound strange that I had chills after reading this. Well if it does, so be it, because I truely did. I felt a surge of energy and power and goodness coming from your pen! : ) kathy