To all Life's problems and questions
Training is the Answer
I'd train to my final days
if the Dr. said to me tomorrow
Will you have Cancer

I'd train because in the end
that's what would make me
I guess I'd go to heaven
if God would have me

If it's truly Heaven to me
it has to have a gym
I don't need anymore answers to life's
stupid questions like which came
first the egg or the Hen

But while I'm here
I'll enjoy how the iron
makes me feel
a bit of advice for cats
thinking gats is the answer
I'm telling you that's the wrong

cause that type of metal
will have you behind them
metal bars
as you've been told many times before
it's either that road or thrown on
that metal table slammed behind that other
metal door

So stay away from them bars
and the alcohol scene bars
sticks to lifting those heavy bars
and eating those Nitrotech protein bars

Poetry by Will
Read 446 times
Written on 2006-08-18 at 19:22

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Zoya Zaidi
Hey, Will I really thought it was about the drinking bars...But yes, excercise is indeed an antideppresant. The metal bars are certainly therpeutic while the the drinking bars only provide an escape from reality and only aggrevate the melady...
Thanks for sharing this 'positive' piece!
And Welcome from my side to the Bay!
Love, xxx, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Great Advice! You add such a unique voice to this site. I appreciate you posting here. kathy