A promise to my son two months before his birth

Dismissing Cliches (Dedication) My Promise

First of all before
he gets here
he's not "My Seed"
He's my son
who eats, sleeps
and breaths

He's not
"a chip off the
old block"
hopefully in this
life he carves
his own notch

I didn't waste time
giving him the same
I want you to know he
calls me Dad because
he's not ashamed

He won't be displayed
like he is a trophy
I plan on making him
proud of me too
and he'll love me
more than just because
I'm his father hopefully

I just hoping someday
in the future we
shall see
That Father's Day means
more to him than it
meant to me

I am the man I am
because of the man
my father wasn't
I'm just making sure
my son won't say the
same thing someday
by me being a father will
insure that he doesn't

I will try to be a "Good"
Father and parent by
doing the best job I can
to try to make sure he
grows up healthy and becomes
an overall good Man...

Poetry by Will
Read 445 times
Written on 2006-08-21 at 20:42

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