Based on last years Mr. Olympia (bodybuilding contest)

Jay speaks in Musclemag

Musclemag self proclaimed
# 1 authority on bodybuilding
published an article by Ron Harris
with the well known Jay crying
I should have won theme

Now Jay said the only poses he felt Ronnie
won was most muscular and side chest
and at the rest of the poses
he felt he was the best

he said on Ronnie's upper back there
was a little water how could he say that
when every year since I started watching
the Olympia it looks as if Jay's carrying
a barrell of water on his lower back

if you compare chest to chest
Ronnie and Jay there in a different class
Ronnie comes in with many cuts when flexing
Jay looks as smooth as a baby's a$$

I can't totally disagree with Jay
there's one thing I can accept
he did beat Ronnie at one pose
for sure side tricep

Jay by no means is wrong
he made great improvements
for this show
but when you're six steps behind
making up two steps is not enough
do the math you still have four to go

I think Jay spends too much time
just listening to his ppl.
who just constantly lie to him
telling him your back is Ronnie's

Or worse even telling him
yeah you look much better
than the big nasty
he didn't make any improvements
just you did if you ask me

You will be this year's Mr. Olympia
Jay's listening to any fan Tom Dick or
it sticks in his head like he's been brainwashed
so when he doesn't win it's "I was Robbed!!!"

It's not a two man show Jay
Gustavo was right up there
so how does that work
he looked better than you too
so if they gave you Mr. Olympia
than Gustavo can scream I've been jerked

So if you hear that Jay won the show
than I'm not offering my opinion in the mix
but someone is lying
but you know how it goes that if someone
is celebrating that means someone is crying. (JAY)

So if Muscletech & your fans tell you, you won
you can keep believing that bulls^&*!!!
and Good Luck next Year Jay
because knowing Big Country (Ronnie Coleman) you'll need it

So OK Jay you're the uncrowned Mr. Olympia
is that what you want to hear
you'd better keep that in the back of your mind
because you'll need it to comfort you again
next year.

I fear that it tears once again for Jay next year
Maybe your fans and Muscletech will wipe them for you...


Poetry by Will
Read 430 times
Written on 2006-08-21 at 20:47

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