It's so weird for the gift giver to thank you for the gift they gave to you.

The receiver should be the thanker not the provider.

Who should be thanking Who

Hey my writing friends
Thank you for your
good manners & being
a couple of you I will
remember your words
for the rest of my life
(you know who you are)

I find it weird when
you thank me for
my comments
it's kind of the thanking
me because
you've provided me
with enjoyment

Somehow the gifts you provide
I feel to comment is me thanking
with some of your talents
(once again you know who you are)
I should be paying you too.

I don't know how to put this
but this is how I feel truly
it's like someone handed me
a gift and thanked me
for giving it to me

The pieces you've shared
were loving, touching, enlightening
To comment that I enjoyed them is easy
I thank You for writing

So you're welcome to say hello
believe me I enjoy when you do
but when you thank me for my
just remember who should be
thanking who

How in the world can you thank me for the priviledge of reading your gift?

Poetry by Will
Read 452 times
Written on 2006-08-22 at 00:26

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Thank you is the highest form of words for me
It is my everyday language
My everyday companion
When I say thank you it does not mean I like you
Or I love you
When I used this word it does not mean you are great
Thank you for me means appreciation
A word that I always give for the person whom helping me
Love me or a person who does not love/hate me
Because I have nothing to give except this word
When I told you thank you this is not only my lips who
Telling you thank you but my heart who always speak this word
I know this is very difficult to understand and I apologized first
If you considered if this is bad.
===but i'll do appreciate what your poem wanted to say===kisses

Kathy Lockhart
Being Thankful adds to the giver and to the receiver. So "be thankful in all things." It easy to do on a site like this with people like you! :) thank you Will for giving your gifts! : ) kathy

keith nunes
you make a good point. it's something i've been unaccustomed to as well. but the heart of these poetic people blows me away daily, so i say thankyou for shining a light on their giving. cheers

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Dear Will :) sunshine after storm*lol* you know what am talking about :p

The giver of the gift should thank you for accepting the gift and appreciating it!

That why the giver should thank you, think about this: You 've written a very good poem and you 've almost "fried all your brain cells" in order to write it and give it to a special person.

When the time comes you give your poem to that special person, the person reads it like it a random text in a newpaper and place the paper with the poem in the garbage saying I hate poetry!I will never understand wha is going on on the poets mind*lol* how would that make you feel?

That's why it's important to say thank you to the receiver of the gift :)

A wonderful straight from the heart poem!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts sunshine after storm :)