Paul Dillet 5' 11"- 287 this guy is a musclebound giant

Just a preview piece about an upcoming bodybuilding show that
I'm excited about the potential of some of the participants.

Really looking forward (Freakenstein returns)

A legendary bodybuilder
is planning on returning
to the stage
I hope the other competitors
are ready for war and war
he will wage

Freakenstein is back
prepared to be
King Kamali will be
there too & Dareem
Charles but it's
a wash

They can't match size
with the awesome
Paul Dillet
before he steps on
stage even the
ground will be shaking
can you feel it

If he comes in, in condition
he'll win or at worse come
in second or third
for those of you that don't
know bodybuilding for
now take my word

They'll be a couple of
phenom rookies also
at the Montreal show
if you never heard of
them as a bodybuilder or fan
these are a couple of
names you should know

Big Joel Stubbs is
stepping in right
now I'm not sure what
this means
but this guy's back is
bigger than a drive thru
movie screen

Dennis Wolf another german
Giant this guy is scary
if he comes in, in tremendous
condition that is to say with more
definition than a dictionary

He will be making some noise
even in his rookie debut
and Big Joel if they judge
from the back he will too

There's also a intriguing matchup
that being Quincy Taylor
head to head with Tony Freeman
this is the battle of the over six footers
who will prevail we shall see then

This Montreal Show will have the
who's who, who will be and
the who never was
but it's shaping up to be the
best show some of the
elite bodybuilder's never
even heard of.

Poetry by Will
Read 430 times
Written on 2006-08-22 at 23:39

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Kathy Lockhart
now you got me hooked! I am going to look these guys up on the Internet. Hope I find them there. Just one more addition to my knowledge gained from this awesome site full of diversity. I just enjoy it so. Your writing has brought me to this, another education that I had missed. :) kathy

hummm the show must go on the return of
Freakenstein..he he he...I think this is fun!!!kissess

Nice piece! I love how you descibe the bodybuilders..nice imagery! And the name Freakenstein--hehehe!