donno what I was thinking... hope you like it though :D

Long gone?

Someone is walking home
Another is walking away
Both of them seems to roam
The last one becomes a stray,
as he walks away from decay

With out purpose or plan, he sets things on fire
The color and the movement of the flames he admire
He starts liking the smell of ashes, and the sound of leaking gas
And then everybody starts to call him a liar

But he is not, he never told a lie
He hasn't even hurt a fly

Sparks starts to take a grip on his psyche, pyromania over takes him
And maybe it seems grim, but at the smell of gas
he burned everything and nothing seemed to last

Silenced by flames
He the throne of fire proclaims
Someone else's turn to burn
And with the fires of hell he will return...

Poetry by Peter
Read 1143 times
Written on 2006-08-23 at 16:33

Tags Fire  Flames  Return 

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wonderfull!!! =D
such depth!!!

I like it ;) Thank you Peter

Not one of your best ones
but ok :)