this is a cool idea I had, nothing is reality it's a fiction so you don't have to worry... :D


Once upon a time in the land of you and me,

You promised that to me you would always cling
But somehow you managed to just cut the string
You where my snowflake
Now I see that all you are, is fake

In this land of you and me I was the king
But now you're saying that all we had was a fling
Your words make me break
And I see that all you are, is fake

You've cried rivers, I have cried a lake
And now I see that all you are, is fake
You have dug a hole
You reach into my chest and grab my soul

What did you take?
Whatever it was
And for what sake?
It made me realize...
That you are nothing else but fake...

Poetry by Peter
Read 1200 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 16:06

Tags Fake  Love  Unhappy 

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Zoya Zaidi
Very forcefully expressed poem, Peter!

Amanda K
a strong piece. i respect your position here. well-penned.

Great write Peter! :)

Keep it up! ;)


Phyllis J. Rhodes
I enjoyed this very much and the story it told. It is very relatable.

Alfred Iwerebor
This is good poetry. Neat arrangement!
A problem of our time is addressed in an enjoyable way.

A heartfelt write. It is so hard to tell the geniune from the fakes these days. People tend to say what they think you want to hear it seems. Glad it's a fiction.

Good effort. Tai