As scattered dreams they remain
The dim memories of my reminiscence
and that which it brought to light.

If I too were to perish and follow the paths I do not rememberth.
Then let them pray for rebirth and not in vain.
For once more the tears must runeth and so should the blood.

I was not blotted out but carried,
and somewhere by the shores of your transcendences,
I will wait for thee.

Not as I, but as salvation...

Poetry by Peter
Read 1345 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 14:28

Tags Death  Life  Salvation 

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It took me some time to actually understand it. But with the help of my dear friend Mr dictionary I understand it now ^^
It's great hun! <3

Veld Cooper
Absolutely beautiful and so very deep, Peter. Loved reading it!