The follow up to Phil the Gift...

Not saying I told you so but I did (The Coming)

Most of you were here
when I wrote Phil the gift
well now that his
first contest is done (this weekend)
and as I said it was no
surprise that he won

Phil's physique is similar
to a smaller Shawn Ray
sharp and on point
so he can win any
contest any day

I thought from my perspective
that Dareem was a
little sharper
but I'm not a judge
I watch bodybuilding for
two reasons to learn
and for the love

Phil hasn't lost
a contest yet
so as an IFBB Pro
this kid is not
only a gift
but a threat

I think (just an opinion)
his only weakness is
he lacks mass
he says he's going to
do it the smart way
and not try to pack it
on too fast

You have all type of nicknames
Arnold the oak, Sergio the Myth
Ronnie is Big Country
now you have Phil The Gift.

Trust me this kid is for real
he's got his pro card
& he's running
Phil Heath is not only here
to stay but as far as
bodybuilders go
The Gift is The Coming

Poetry by Will
Read 427 times
Written on 2006-08-23 at 22:23

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