One of a series of instructional workout pieces

The PUMP (the key to muscle growth)

Goal: the targeted muscle
how much blood can you
get into it
1 set 2 sets 3 sets
come on give me more
do it

The Pump you have now
is good but not close
to your max
come on keep pounding
this is no time to relax

Your skin is normal color
you need about 6 more sets
you're about at 75% of maximum
capacity so you're not done yet

When you're looking for maximum pump
here's a techinique you could use
depending on your skin tone
when targeting a muscle when pumped
correctly it should look like it will bruise

it should look like your muscle
is ready to explode out of your
then next workout be sure
to do that same thing again

There are a lot of training techiniques
machines, gadgets and other junk
but whatever you choose to use
remember the key to explosive musclegrowth,
the essence of a good workout when
it comes down to it is THE PUMP!!!!

Poetry by Will
Read 423 times
Written on 2006-08-25 at 20:50

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This is the best in you...working too hard in body building!!!great!!!kissess