Throw 20 more lbs on the bar
my arm's goal is 20 inches
so it's another set of 20
as my biceps convulses and flinches

That 6 Ounce chicken breast
has 20 grams of protein
well double it so I can get 20 more
I need at least 240 grams by the
end of the day I told you that

Tricep Extensions & Preacher Curls
Supersetted 10 and 10
don't get tired too early
you have 20 minutes of this type intensity
before this workout ends

It's winter now 20 degrees outside
so now instead of 10 min to warmup it
take 20 and you know what's funny
I can't tell you too much about my sight
but my workout and eating habits
are a perfect 20/20

Live Long, Love Hard, & Lift Heavy

Poetry by Will
Read 421 times
Written on 2006-08-25 at 21:11

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