inspired by "somewhere" from west side story... a bit more bitter however.



safe haven behind these fragile
teen-age hearts. we beat on
and hope for a somewhere
that's free of all this hate
it kills the children
poisoned, we move onward
to the stars, the heavens,
to somewhere beyone this hell
broken mirrors now our path
no good fortune here, or good will
we must excape to our somewhere
if there is such a place...

Poetry by Zachary P. B.
Read 1131 times
Written on 2006-08-27 at 06:30

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This is wonderful!!great job!!!! kissess

Beautiful.. it's so down right and true.. but yet so sad.

running from your problems, to somewhere, nowhere. it feels like your fantasizing, but it could be about suicide. I hope you're just fantasizing about a better place.

Kathy Lockhart
what an excellent expression of the concerns of today's world. What will the children do. You will create your path and lead us toward a better tomorrow. You will take the broken mirrors, melt them down and make a new reflection of hope and peace. You will for you are our hope! xx kathy

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
ac wonderfully expressive text and a clever take from the film show spectacular rgds mike

keith nunes
a strong piece z. full of angst.