just to let you all know

sorry i haven't been around much lately, school has finally started for me. a new adventure and new year to find out who i am and what i live for...

sorry i haven't been commenting you guys as much as usual, i promise that i'll read and comment sometime soon, but i have had auditions for West Side Story this week and i've been sort of ill too...

well, i hope everything is going wonderfully for you all, thanks for reading.


Words by Zachary P. B.
Read 487 times
Written on 2006-08-31 at 06:38

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don't ever feel sorry we all can understand
and thanks for letting us know

And once again for wishing me happy birthday with those beautiful words which have really touched my heart. ^^

Kathy Lockhart
MSZ. you take care my love. Good luck in all of your endeavours. School must be first and oh, i would love to come see you in West Side Story! xxx kathy

Don't ever say sorry I understand your situation as a student..just take your time....GOD speed!!!kissess
always there for you==haseen=

keith nunes
have a good year z