Written after the 2005 (12/2/2005) My Olympia Bodybuilding Contest.

Written as result
Jay Cutler crying to the media after loosing the Olympia again.

The Results (Stop Crying)

I know I said I wouldn't write
about this year's Mr. Olympia
but the crying hasn't stop
and that's what I'm writing
this piece for

I hear all the Jay fans screaming
he should have won but it's not
hurting me
but you kind of wonder is it bodybuilders
or babies the gym or a nursery

Jay has cried so much to the media
would someone get him a pacifier
I've always respected this guy for
his knowledge but da-- what a crier

Would someone change his diaper
get some cream on that diaper rash
Cater to his ego a little bit
so he can stop with this I should
have won trash

Jay said he look the best in his career
and if you saw him he was right
but damn Ronnie still looked 16 times better (he won by 16 pts)
accept it and move on with your life

If you watch Jay training DVD's
to stop the crying you know one
thing that would help
would somebody get this guy
another mirror it always makes
him feel better to look at himself

So Jay and his fans thought he should
have won and they're entitled to
their opinions so fine
I'll cater to Jay's fragile ego
Sir Would you Like a little cheese
to go with That WHINE!!! (STOP CRYING)

Last Note: when you fix something you don't fix it by 16 points if anyone knows sports there fixed for exciting finishes not for blowouts LOL Jay could have won in 2001 but this time it was no contest at all...

Poetry by Will
Read 427 times
Written on 2006-08-31 at 20:24

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Cool for jay!!!! well done ..kissess

Kathy Lockhart
rhythm and rhyme and story all are done very well. This was amusing to me! :) kathy