Bodybuilding's ELITE

The Best of the Best

Let's go with the Best Muscles
The best to build individual spots
Those who do it through high reps (Jay Cutler)
Those who do it through massive muscle shock (Markus Ruhl)

Let's go with pecs (chest) first
Who's the best The Terminatior?
For volume it might be Arnold
But more on that some piece Later

For solid mass alone
You have to say Big Ron
Admit it, he stands alone
His chest looks as if it's made
Of stone

For Biceps you can possibly
Say Matt Duvall, he's simply a beast
But when you look closely
You can't help but mention Lee Priest

Then you have to mention
Darreem Charles for his peaks
To achieve arms of that type
That is some type of feat

For Triceps you have to say
Ernie Taylor, hands down
That type of mass on Tris
Ernie has the best pound for pound

Shoulders, Traps, Lats, & back
That's Ronnie if you're taking this serious
No one even comes close
To the current Mr. Olympia Period!

Abs you can say Chris Cormier
I'll say this confidently and calmly
But not failing to leave out the possibility
Of it being Dexter "the Blade" Jackson or
As I call him mini Ronnie

Quads, Jay is definitely
A cut above the rest
Such definition with mass
Although Ronnie's mass in his
This years rivals even the best

Then Hamstrings I have to go back
Dorian Yates puts up a good fight
His hamstrings are strung
So massive yet they were still tight

Calves you would never guess
In a million years who I like
That title belongs to one man
For mass a shape Mad Mike (Mike Matazarro)

Symmetry, there's only two names
I would ever have the nerve to say
That title would go to if it existed
To Flex Wheeler or Shawn Ray

It's Ronnie Coleman without question
For overall mass
He's the biggest man to step on stage
In the present and the past

When it comes to the stage
All competitors have something
To bring to each contest
But in my opinion for what it's worth
These are the best of the best

Poetry by Will
Read 490 times
Written on 2006-08-31 at 20:30

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your the best bodybuilder!!!stay healthy and strong!!!!good job once again!!!!kissess

Kathy Lockhart
keep writing these most interesting and educational poems about your passion for body building. I enjoy reading them. Such unique poetry is a wonderful experience! :) kathy