I think my head was another place in this word when i wrote influation, in sted of influence... but it still means the same thing:) here`s the "linguistically" correct version:P

A man of bad influence

Cold as the nightmother
Sweetness of her words
Startled and scared
Creeping over us

The moon shines a light
Reflections in the hall
Bouncing of mirrors
Dancing on the tiles

Sells dreams of bad influence

Ghost of thunder
Roaming in the night
Cold winter flies
He will win tonight

Staircase dust leaves
Up into the light
Holding a candle
Stands a holy knight

Looks out for bad reputations

Dust clouds dancing
Nightmother calling out
Roam of thunder
Why, what's it all about

Cold winter flies
On sweetness in the air
Old influations sits
He's in the stairs

A man of sweet corruption

He speaks out
Calling them to rest
Turns around
No heart in his chest

A man of bad influence

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 514 times
Written on 2006-09-07 at 00:01

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keith nunes
this appealed to me a great deal except i don't know what influation means

what does influation mean?

i like this a lot though