this poem, like many of mine, is written in my darkess hours, hours of depression.
i feel as if everthing is falling apart. have i killed my life before it has even begun? did i ever have a life, how could i call this a life?

death, please welcome me.

broken and falling apart again,
will my mind ever mend?
have i already killed my life,
before i ever picked up my knife?
my life has not even begun,
and i am already wanting to run,
into the welcoming arms of death,
coz there is nothing left,
in this cursed life for me.

let my blood flow forth and spill,
let my madness begin to kill,
let my tears cause a flood,
let it drip free, my blood,
death, please welcome me.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 1106 times
Written on 2006-09-07 at 11:15

Tags Death  Blood  Depression 

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i could relate to this poem in my darkest moments of depressoin!! great job!! keep up the wonderful work!!!

keith nunes
i can feel your angst - i've been there. even attempted suicide twice. it's not easy to come through the dark shit but i always figure there's a chance it will get better the next day. and usually it does. lots of love to you

Zoya Zaidi
Wait, do not go!
And do not despair,
Live a little more and you will learn,
Life is not all trash,
It is full of fun:
Just look around and see the blue sky,
The aquamarine sea,
The golden vast beaches,
The Kangroos hopping about,
The cacatoos green
The rose-breasted pigeon...
They all sing the life's song,
Celebrate the spring,
The colourful autumn sings along...
Just look around...

Dear Amy,


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Amy indeed a dark poem
it might seem like the world has ended but the pain gets easier bwelieve me rgds mike a good strong heart rending text
but not too many tears and stay at the bay
this lot will make you day and give you a smile rgds mike