An adults only tale of extreme perversion. Part of a series, so watch out for the follow ups................

The Confession Of Victor The Voyeur (LONG and VULGAR, so watch out, ladies!)


[Edna switches on her tape-recorder]

I am a voyeur. I love to watch other people having sex. I spend most of my spare time going to places where I might get lucky and see something. I don't care if it's straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, multiple sex, or any other sort of sex. Well, that's untrue, I far prefer multiple bi sex, but that's hard to come by. What I am going to tell you is true.

Last week, since it was a lovely summer's day, I decided to go to The Beach. Not just any old beach, but a mixed naturist, gay and dogging beach. Let me explain about dogging, in case you aren't familiar with the term: couples go to secluded areas, often a car park, and then have sex in front of each other; sometimes they swing and have a foursome, sometimes they invite a single man to join in for a threesome, sometimes they just like to put on a show. Dogging has become quite popular in Britain. And justifiably so, in my humble opinion.

Now, I'll tell you about The Beach, what it's like and why it's special: once you get to the little seaside town, you drive right along the main beach until you reach a gate; you open the gate and drive through onto an unmade road. There are no signs to tell you where you're going. After about a mile you come to a secluded beach, backed by sand dunes. There is a large flat area and the back of The Beach which is used as a car park. On that hot Saturday afternoon, there were about forty cars there.

This was not my first visit to The Beach. I had been many, many times before. However, it is a full day out for me, involving a 50 mile drive each way, so I have to be really in the mood and I have to be certain of the weather. Sometimes you go down there and there's not much action, but other times, it's fucking amazing.

Last Saturday, I wandered round for a bit in order to check out what was happening and in order to pick the best place to establish my base. After twenty or so minutes' exploration, I had established that there were maybe fifteen m/f couples there, another ten or twelve gay looking m/m couples and about forty or fifty single men. Ages ranged from late twenties to seventies, and there were some really hideous bodies on display. Naturally, everyone was naked.

Most of the couples had selected a secluded little hollow in the dunes; many had erected a windbreak, made of coloured plastic sheeting attached to poles which they had driven into the sand. This gave them protection from both the sun and from prying eyes such as mine. They were unlikely to be the exhibitionists I sought. There were two couples I felt would be of more interest, one a man and a woman, the other a hugely fat black man accompanied by a screamingly gay little Asian guy.

I took up a position in the dunes midway between the straight couple and the fat black and his little friend. Although both couples had put up wind screens, past experience at The Beach suggested to me that they had done so in such a way as to give a certain amount of privacy but also to permit anyone who wished to come and watch them. Or, even better, join in if invited.

I stripped off and waited for action. Occasionally I knelt up to see if anything was happening. Both couples knew I was there, and I noticed several other single men had set up their sunning sites in similar situations. Things looked promising, I felt, and I was pleased I had arrived early enough to get a good position. Every few minutes, a nude man would cruise by on the little paths which led through the dunes, checking out the possibilities. Perhaps half an hour passed.

Let me describe the straight couple first: the woman was lying on her stomach and an unkind observer might say she had a fat and shapeless arse. Her legs were slightly open and I could see the glint of a metal ring from between her legs. I could see she was wearing a wedding ring too. The man was lying on his back; he was about forty, shaven headed, a bit paunchy. He had a very large circumcised cock which he was occasionally adjusted in order to display it to best effect. He was totally shaven, which enhanced its size. He saw I was watching them and he smiled slightly and began deliberately to stroke his wife's buttocks. He leant over and whispered something in her ear which I could not hear. I knelt up so as to get a better view and began to play with myself. I noticed that a near neighbour, a well built and muscular young man of about thirty, wearing a dark blue peaked cap, was also watching the scene through the dune grasses; from his arm movements, he appeared to be masturbating himself, although unfortunately I could not actually see his cock.

The woman opened her legs a little more so as to provide a better view for us: she too appeared to be shaven clean. The sun glinted on her piercing. But not for long as the man's hand descended to her arse crack and fingered the cheeks apart to provide a good sight of her anus for everyone. He slipped his fingers in between her legs and began masturbating her gently. I was totally stiff by now and my cock was dribbling as I massaged my rigid knob. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that, on a grassy knoll about twenty yards away, three men were watching the proceedings with interest.

The shaven guy now smiled at the muscular young man and motioned with his head that he was welcome to approach. The young man stood up and, holding his short, thick, but fully erect penis in his hand, walked over to the couple and then, at the bald man's invitation, knelt behind the woman. She turned her face to appraise his suitability, smiled and said something. How I wished I could have heard what she said. Did she say her name and ask his? Did she tell him what to do to her? It was very frustrating to be see all but hear nothing.

The young man put his free hand (he was still rubbing himself with the other) on her plump buttocks and stroked them; he then moved down to between them and towards her cunt area and began caressing that. The bald man now got to his knees and I could see he had the most enormous erection I had ever seen in my life. At least ten inches of thick uncircumcised gristle which he was rubbing rhythmically. The woman slowly raised her arse invitingly and the bald man nodded to the guy with the cap who now began wiping his stiff, oozing cock-knob over her ample arse. He then carefully slipped it into her cunt and began fucking her from behind.

There was quite an audience by this stage; alerted by the three men on the knoll, about half a dozen other single men had gathered to watch. The big black queen and his giggling little friend were standing up to get a better view as well. The whole scene was surrealistic: the guy with the baseball cap was screwing the fat forty year old woman doggy style while her huge cocked husband watched intently from close quarters, fondling the back of her neck and masturbating himself vigorously, all watched by a dozen other men, most of whom were either masturbating too, or at least fondling semi erections.

And we all held our breath as the guy with the cap shifted into top gear, threw his head back and grimaced as he came with a loud series of animal grunts. The husband immediately pushed him to one side and took his place, brutally shoving that enormous cock of his up what must have been a sopping, spunk filled cunt. He then pounded into her fiercely for no more than a minute until he too came with a shout of triumph. At this, I let fly myself and shot my own load onto my beach towel.

The young man with the baseball cap returned to his own sunbathing area, the husband leant down and kissed his twice-fucked lady wife and lay back in the sun to recover. The crowd dispersed to look for the next show. I, heart pounding with excitement, wiped myself clean and decided it was time to have my lunch. Then I dozed contentedly in the sun for an hour or so. I turned myself over a few times and applied my sun oil to encourage an even suntan. I read a few pages of my porn novel. I went for a little walk or two in the dunes to check out any new arrivals.

During one stroll, I passed by two guys wanking each other, but they were old, wizened and ugly and I was not interested in accepting their waved invitation to join in. I still watched them for a little while, though. No harm in that, I thought. They both came quite satisfactorily. I then returned to my own little HQ and was pleased to see that the fat black queen and the little Asian appeared to be on the verge of getting their show on the road: they had been joined by a heavily built, hairy chested man, covered in tattoos from head to foot. He was wearing a leather cap at a jaunty angle and I could see a motor-cycle helmet lying nearby. A gay biker! They always tend to be a bit uninhibited!

The fat black was grossly flabby and was lying on his stomach in the dunes, his huge stomach flowing out on either side of him; I would have put him at about 40, but fatties are often younger than they look. The camp little Asian looked as though he was only 18 or 20, but appearances can be deceptive there too, and I think he was probably about the same age as his obese friend. He was massaging Fatty with oil and those gross black buttocks were wobbling and glistening in the sun as the little Asian pummelled them. The black queen turned over and I took in his fat flabby thighs, woman-like sagging breasts, pierced nipples and totally hairless body. His disappointingly average-sized cock was so black it was almost purple, but he had huge, low-hanging, hairless balls. He had an erection. The tattooed man leaned over and started stroking it at which the camp little Asian giggled.

Sensing that I was going to get a good eyeful of some unusual gay action, I got onto my knees and started fondling myself openly to give them some encouragement to get going. They glanced over at me, smiled and nodded their heads to show I was welcome to join in, but that's not my scene, so I shook my head with a smile. The fat man shrugged his shoulders and his tits heaved. I must stress that I am not gay, but I really do enjoy watching gay sex, and I see nothing unusual in that.

Next, the hairy tattoo queen got onto all fours, exposing his meaty arse to my view and started sucking the fat man's cock and I started stroking my own now fully erect cock more firmly. The little Asian lay down and insinuated his head between the hairy one's thighs so as to be able to suck his hirsute knob. I could see him playing with his own tiny erection at the same time. How I wished I had a camera with me to record that freaky scene, but cameras are strictly out of order on The Beach.

The huge black queen heaved his gargantuan body up and bent over, shoving his enormous buttocks out in an obscene parody of seductiveness. The little Asian stopped sucking the hairy guy and reached for the oil which he applied to Fatty's arse hole. Mr Tattoo knew what was expected of him and, without hesitation, shoved his cock up the fat freak. He began pumping quite fast without any preparatory gentle thrusts and came very quickly with an unexpectedly loud cry. I was wanking myself quite hard by now, and I was a little disconcerted to find just how excited I was. I glanced round and realised we were not alone: there were several other queens watching the scene and two were groping each other quite openly with no attempt at discretion, which I thought was a bit bold.

With surprising speed, Fatty rolled onto his back and motioned the camp Asian to sit on his cock. The Asian rode that great mountain of black flesh for a few minutes and then Fatty tensed and cried out as he shot his load up his little friend. Almost immediately the little Asian finished himself off and I saw his sperm arc in the air and land on the black's smiling face, to be licked off quickly by his eager pink tongue. Needless to say, I was on the verge of orgasm myself by now and I turned around so that I could come in the full view of the by now quite large audience who had gathered for the brilliant show put on by the bizarre gay threesome.

I cleaned myself off and smiled to the crowd. I half expected a round of applause, but that was just the theatrical side of my nature coming to the fore. After the watchers had dispersed, I felt a swim was in order to cool me down after all the excitement of the past few hours, so I carefully made my way through the dunes and down the beach to the sea. 'What a fabulous day this has been,' I thought as I bobbed contentedly in the warm water, my cast-off prosthesis lying temporarily at the water's edge.......

[Edna gulps in horror and switches off her tape recorder]

Short story by Edna Sweetlove
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Written on 2006-09-18 at 14:17

Tags Erotica  Adult  Humour 

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Absolutely! Well written, but I agree with the romantic hero

yepp. Lastromantichero has a good point there .

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
this is undoubtedly a very clever and telling text but please remember this is not an adults only site

youngster below age have access
lovely images conveyed neverthe less

rgds mike meddings

oh my . You are an irregular modern Marquis de Sade ! Yes, intensely perverse but man (woman?), how you write . You could make good money here . This is not a simple porn write though . It has intellectual class , the ending does the story . I hope people who read this will notice that .