in an abusive relationship...walk away when you still can...

It's better that it hurts right now

it's better that it hurts
you need to walk away
instead of holding on
to memories of what used to be

he has changed
is no longer the person
you fell in love with
you are miles apart...emotionally

both of you seem to be
in parallel universes
living totally different lives
having very different ideals

you view him as the love of your life
but he holds you in contempt
and treats you so bad
but still you insist on holding on

every time you pick up the phone
you find yourself playing russian roulette
soon and very soon he will say the words
that will shatter every inch of your soul

please do not get too comfortable
if he is still treating you this way
every day you hope he will change
love is not a not torture yourself

it's better that you walk away right now
it's better that you walk away when you can
instead of looking back and being filled
with sorrow and regret...

Poetry by Mike
Read 700 times
Written on 2006-09-19 at 08:06

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
A powerful plea that must be heeded. If you don't walk now, there may not be a tomorrow. Sooner or later if you do not walk, your ability to walk will be taken from you. Please walk away. Walk away to a better day.

a very moving poem
about needed to be
expressed to give to another who
may read this to think what matters most
in relationships to never be treated like a doormat! to be swept under!! great read!
Bravo to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Encouraging others to stand
hugs to you:)