The lake was on fire! It was so quiet and peaceful…I sat and watched the yellow of the setting sun turn to gold, to orange, to crimson, violet, indigo, and finally fade into the night…embracing it like a lover…

Sunset On The Lake

Shimmering molten yellow gold
Sunset pours over the lake.
As the gleaming waters match
my inner state - glows on my face.

Your eyes I met in the morn,
warmed up my soul
The orange yellow of the sun
warms up the cool lake
As the radiance of your eyes
had once warmed my soul

Smouldering embers leap to flames,
Passion new unfolds,

Scarlet hues melt into the lake

Feeling of elation dawns,
Soulful song
A lilting tune!!!

Crimson joy ripples forth

Heart throbbing
Blood rushing
All consuming

Lake is set on fire
Fire mixes with golden sap

Exhausted, quenched, consumed

Purple hues slowly spread

Gradually the warmth disappears

Indigo is my hope

In creeps a bitterness of kind


The sun drowns under the water
Horizon sinks with the Sun

Starless night

Ink black!
Dark night, hope descends
deep into the lake
A serpent coils up at the bottom,

Suddenly the moon comes up
Silvery pellucid haze

Lake, ere dark,
Acquires an ethereal glow

Leisurely I prepare to go
Moon peeps from the clouds
Hope turns a leaf new
Lake is silent gone to sleep…
Night sounds begin to hum…

Tomorrow is another day
My soul sets warm today

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi

Photo by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1576 times
Written on 2006-09-23 at 06:31

Tags Sunset 

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so beautiful

Sunsets by water are so beautiful, so fulfilling, so calming. Reminds me of my poem "Sunset by the Sea".
"Shimmering molten yellow gold
Sunset pours over the lake"
Love these opening lines... :))
((((Warm hugs))))

As always, beautiful, warm and colourful!


Such beauty:) Thank you for sharing this:)


Nathalia The PoetBay support member heart!
I agree with the others, a beautifully crafted poem! Nice:-)

such an eruption of color and passion....truly a very sexy piece of poetry stirred something deep inside me and it was exquisite write as always dear.

just a beauty to read:)))
In awe!!! took me away
into a peace of mind...a calm:)
thanku:)hugs to you

The beauty of the sunset upon a lake. Just a beautiful as the sunrise of the broken morning.