Some free association writing done in class when I can't get my mind off these thoughts, these feelings..
Written just before the poem Chocolate Sunshine..serves as a background

It becomes impossible to think

It becomes impossible to think
When you're feeling so hard
Think hard, Think strong.
We'll always be friends who love each other
We may not be attracted to each other physically
But we have an invisible bond which ties us together for life. No one, nothing can destroy that except ourselves. We decide who we are, who we want to be to each other.
He is the most lovable, nice guy there is. He makes me smile. I make him smile. Sometimes me makes me cry, tears that make no sense.
Question the whole thing. If you were to ask him out what would you say?
" You wanna make your dream come true?
We can go and have Mint Chocolate chip ice cream in the cold." Feel weird with it and live in discomfort. It is better to let it be as it is.
It's nice now. "Aww" he said. But I can't stop feeling, thinking. I don't need to know where we're going but I need to know where we are. Hugs, kisses, smiles they are fine but what else? What brought us here? What makes us stay here, stagnant.... There are holes in my heart
Pieces I can't figure out, I can't piece together. It's the only jigsaw I haven't completed yet.

Diary by Parnika
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Written on 2006-09-25 at 18:18

Tags Love  Feelings  Thoughts 

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