My contribution to the "Jealousy" challenge

You're mine, always

I met you, you met me,
We get along so well togther,
But I just want you to know,
That I am on the guard, always,

Our circle is sacred,
And it's hard, sometimes impossible,
For anybody else to come in and know us,
Because, that's not all they want,

When we go out,
It's even worse,
The looks, those hungry looks from others,
Fools always walking towards you,
Trying to talk you away from me,
Like my life on the line,
I will attack, and attack blindly,

They always say, "You're insecure",
What is insecurity?,
Is it making sure you're safe?,
Is it watching the eyes and the anticipation of others, even if thiers comes from sheer innocense or ignorance?,
Who knows and who cares?,
Because, I know you will and have done the same for me,

Just not as rash or violent as I,
Jealousy is truly the reckless defense of trust,
And it's only output is the destruction of trust,
And trust as we know it,
Is just as important to a relationship as love,
You see it all time, especially at night,

Desperation, child of jealousy,
Flying through the hearts of the yes, insecure,
No control of their anger or their fists,
It's more than a maturity problem, it's a reaction,
To past experiences in which we forget,
That the present player is and will not be the past player,
Unless in your jealousy, you are giving out that opportunity,
In a "You have left me "no choice" manner",
Congratulations!!! you have broken them down,

The eyes see so much,
We just have to be cautious of what we learned,
And how to apply it to our everyday lives,
Hey Jealousy, Hey jealousy,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 616 times
Written on 2006-09-28 at 02:49

Tags Jealousy 

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This a brilliant contribution than mine
Well done

Insecurity, trust and jealousy....a volitale mix of describe it all so well. Great expression.

Judy T Lloyd
I agree this is an amazing piece of poetry. Very excellent handling of the English language.

Kathy Lockhart
this is an amazing contribution. The 6th stanza is my favorite. It says so very much about desperation, "the child of jealousy," and what it does to the one who is consumed by it and also the victim of its rage. kathy

Rob Graber
What is insecurity?,
Is it making sure you're safe?