Don't be too busy

Let life aside
Just to be with your loved ones for a day
Don't be the one to hide
Make sure you stay
At least for a little while
You never know how much time you obtain
Make sure you'll walk a mile
Don't be too busy to contain
So when they are gone you won't shame
You'll always have the way they use to shine
You'll know more then their name
Knowing that they were so genuine
Let them in your heart
Make them know you share
Don't let them part
Without letting them know how much you care
Be by their side
When they are ready to leave the earth
Don't let them think you lied
Don't need a rebirth
Just to let them know your there
And to let them know they mean the lot
Let them know how much you really care
Don't let them go without giving everything you got

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 299 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 22:20

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keith nunes
lovely sentiments in this piece ariel. you've captured what it means to care. well done.