The rose

I kept him in my heart
He was like my other part
Before he got recruited he handed me a rose
I stuck it under my nose
It smelt so sweet
When he left it dropped to my feet
I remember that rose as if yesterday
That's the last thing my love gave me before he was taken away
A month or so later I got a letter
I wished it would have came out better
The letter read that my loved died
All I did was cried
After that I went to where we had said our good-byes
I know no matter what love never dies
When I went to his burial site
I can never forget that night
There was the rose he had handed to me
When he was set free
He kept the rose I had dropped and gave it to me from above
To show no matter what nothing will destroy love

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 443 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 22:47

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elizabeth white
that was great i love it, it was very passionate

smells like death in here.. very good poetry

keith nunes
a love poem with a difference. well written ariel