just a warning

Get at me

It doesn't take a strong
heart to pull a gun
if you want to go that
route I considered
that fun

I know it's different now
and I have a lot to loose
but these are the streets
and it comes with
certain rules

Roll hard or
get run down
you planning
to get at me
I'll get at you

Those from the streets
you know how that be
for those who have
a problem
f&*( y'all cats
Get at me..

Poetry by Will
Read 518 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 17:46

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wow!!what a strong write:)))
nice to see you back my Mr.Olyimpia Bay lol:))a wee smile for you!!!
Hugs to you:))


My boys love that rule!!:)
hugs to you


like kathy said, your writing gives us a unique perspective and you do it with your own style....interestingly, and sadly, my aunt was just killed on her way home from work...a 14 yr old was arrested for her murder....i shall never understand the reasoning

Kathy Lockhart
first, I missed you. Welcome back. Glad to read you again.
second, I missed this too. I love your unique style that opens my life to the streets, to weight lifting, to you. : )