this is about a little girl that was in a gas chamber during the Holocaust

Wake up mamma

What's happening?
My lungs feel like they're going to burst
Why are people on the floor?
Where did my momma go?
This air smells funny and makes me dizzy
Mamma can you hear my cries?
My heart feels like it's going to stop
Momma did they split us up?
I'm getting sleeping I can no longer breathe
Momma did you fall with everyone else?
There are people laying all over the ground
Can I make it mamma?
My legs feel weak I'm ready to fall
A big door opens a man pulls me outside
The man explains that my momma is dead
I don't believe him I want my momma
Men pull bodies out of the tiny room
I see my momma there she is
I run over to her so she can see I lived
But she didn't get up off the floor
"Momma momma!" I cry but she still wont get up
momma wont open her eyes why wont she wake up?

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 464 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 22:20

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GREAT POEM!!! i love it!

your taste of writing poems is very disturbing , you make my breathe go heavy, hey dear i'll really like to read some cheerfull n mirthfull texts coming frm your way, i hope i get to read them soon, n yes i must say . you are an awsome poetess, hats off to you !!!!

lotz of love n hugs : zee