Lots of things to say...

they have lots of things to say
when they see us walking hand in hand every day
using all kinds of words to malign us
but the bond we share is all so rare
...it could never be broken

some say you are using me
others claim I am not good enough for you
spreading nasty lies...malicious rumours
but their meddling and interfering
only makes us stronger

together we have grown
the brighter our lights have shone
and while me and you know what we have been through
the love and joy we share remains an issue
to them with lots of things to say

their individual negative energy
brings out in us positive synergy
bit by bit...word by word
we are scripting a wonderful love story
and they will have lots of things to say


Poetry by Mike
Read 675 times
Written on 2006-10-12 at 17:49

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true love conquers all yes? yes!