Help Me

Can you not see the signs?
These deep fine cut lines
Cut into my skin
Every night I cut with glass, metal, even tin
I say it's my cat but can't you see my lie?
This is much easier then having to cry
This is now my hobby
But it's going to end up killing me
These cut so deep
All the scares I'm going to keep
But if you don't stop me
Then how will you set me free?
I need help cant you see?
Please even though I don't speak I'm begging you to help me

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 470 times
Written on 2006-10-12 at 23:06

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stop plz that pains, dear plz don't do that if u really do, there are many wonderfull things in life, be strong enough,
may god bless you !!!

rgrds: zee

another very sad n disturbing write

keith nunes
i hope this is just a poem - i know a woman who cuts, she finally stopped and her life is wonderful.