my ex told me this

You Once Said

You once said,
I was your love
I was everything to you
You were never going to leave me
You needed me
You loved me
You were never going to let me go
You never wanted to hurt me
You promised u wouldnt hurt me

Well its sad to say
You did hurt me
You hurt me 4 times
I still loved you everytime
Besides the last time

The first time was the worse!
Because i thought i was in love with u
But i made though it,
We went out again after 2 days
I thought that u did love me since we were only apart for 2 days
Then 3 months later u hurt me again.....
we went back out 1 month later
4 weeks later we broke up.....
never went out again

But i still loved u
You were my everything
One day i got to talk to u over messenger
I asked u "why wont u talking to me"
You said "i dont know"
I just had to aske you "was it because you didnt want to talk to me Anymore"? and you said "yes"
Then i just broke down!
We didnt talk for 3 weeks
I couldnt look at you or here ur voice thats how bad u hurt me!!

Poetry by Mitzi
Read 479 times
Written on 2006-10-18 at 20:01

Tags Love 

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Amanda K
heart's causes pains when love is from one side but it hurts most when it's from one side that it's true and another that's playing around.You made me feel the words.VERY Good.