When I Hear You're Name

When I hear your name

I get a smile on my face,

I get butterflys,

I get this feeling ,

A feeling that doesn't go away,

And that feeling is the best in the world!

When I hear ur name,

I start to day dream

Think about how wonderful

It would be to be in your arms

All day, all night,

When I hear your name,

I wish I could just kiss your

Lips as soft as could be,

When I hear your name,

I feel the rain,

Then rain pouring

Down on me,

When I hear it rain

All I think about is you,

You and me,

Standing out in the rain,

As wet as could be,

Kissing, hugging

Holding eachother,

And never letting go,

When I hear your name,

I only think about you,

And nobody is around me,

When I hear ur name!

Poetry by Mitzi
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Written on 2007-10-18 at 17:27

Tags Love 

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Rob Graber
Good write, with effective imagery!

PS: Do note that the title should have "Your"; "You're" is the contraction for "you are."


Amy Valentina
Truly in love... lovely


Beautiful!! what your heart pours upon paper of the love
you capture!! lovely to read you again...