A short bit of erotica about missing someone.
For LCT :)
Watch out for the surprize ending =))

Passionate [night]Daydreams

Separating distance whispers your name/And their soft whispers are carried to me by the wind. In their soft whisperings I can feel your love gently wash over me, softly caressing me with invisible fingers.
Your love's gentle fingers in tingling waves move slowly, like the fluuffy, white marshmellow clouds do on a warm spring day, down my red summer-nightware-clad body.

Propped up by one hard and two soft pillows, I lean back against the dark wooden head of my single bed, place my purple-framed glasses on the wooden bedside chest of drawers beside me and close my brown eyes.
Hearing your soft, accented voice, whispering words of love, in my head, my heart aches at the painful distance and I wish my arms were holding you close.

With eyes closed, imangining that day, drawing closer, that my wish comes true and we are lying on the bed together, arms holding each other tight, whispering words of sweet nothing's in our ears and our lips touching in fleeting, teasing kisses.

Your arm rest gently across my stomache on my red nightie and as my right forfinger tickles down your bare chest, teasingly stopping on the top of your blue boxers, we slip underneath the covers between passionate, hungy kisses and turn off the lamp.....

My eyes flicker open to the sound of my alarm and I savour the remanice of my soon-to-come-true-dream before stumbling to the kitchen and flicking on the kettle for a cuppa.


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-01-27 at 03:13

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Mmmmm, Tai feel a De Jar with she knows who, coming on! How co-incidental! I have one going on myself right now!lol Smiling at the pair of you!lol Liz, you are pretty tasteful with that erotica....so you two. Grinning at you now, Tai

Great job L.!!!! loved it!!!! *bookmarked!*