A fairly sutle ;) poem about
someone I missed really badly while I was away.
For LCT :)

The Icing On Life's Cake[We Are]

Laying awake, can't sleep late at night,
my thoughts think only of you,
missing your voice soul aching
but I know that you feel the same too.

Though a great distance physically separates us,
though computers we have never been apart,
but for now we can not even phone call
and my ache is like a silver blade in my heart.

Trapped! in a cage, it's bars made up of
financial restrictions, people pressure and their negative frowns,
Your love is the key that sets me free
and stops my spirit from getting too dragged down.

With us in our hearts
our love, our bond no-one can break,
I used to think life was good
but we are the icing on life's cake.


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1129 times
Written on 2007-01-27 at 03:44

Tags Love 

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WOW!! i can so relate to this one!!!! i loved it!!! it is very very good!...keep up the wonderful work!!*bookmarked in faves.!!*