I wrote this song back in 1988 inspired by a love one now long gone...

Dreams of Love

Last night I told you
how much I really love you
desires in my mind
to make love with you

Softly I kissed you
I dreamed about our love
messages from above
that I care for you

You looked into my eyes so deeply
I started to wonder why...
I never thought that this can happen
my heart started to cry...

Take me into your arms, baby
until the end of time...
together we can fulfill our Dreams of Love...
...Dreams of Love...

You tell me that you love me
don't want to let me go
but girl you and I know
that changes don't come easily

Oh! I carress you so purely
but still don't understand
the type of love we have
it's so crazy!!

We carressed,we kissed,we made love baby...
I'm lost inside your mind
I never felt like this way honey,
guide me I'm blind...

Take me into your arms, baby...
until the end of time
together we can fulfill our Dreams of Love...
...Dreams of Love....

@ Ray Aguilar 1988

A love song I wrote...inspired by a love one
now long gone...

Poetry by Ray
Read 1225 times
Written on 2005-09-30 at 02:55

Tags Love 

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I loved it, It was very heartfelt.

Thank you

well since you posted on 2 of my writes I figured I'd post on one of yours at least. This was very good. I really have no complaints but I do want to say that the ...'s are a bit much adn maybe you should just put a comma instead. and that will make it better. Otherwise nicely done!

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
a good poem/song, a couple or so spelling mistakes in the poem, and the use of ... in places that would be better with a comma or full stop, thats aside though this is nice.

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