In 1989 I thought I found my Dream...obviously I entered the the most feared of all Love: lust and deception. This was one of my first attempt to find a cure within myself; to console my broken of my first writings, so bear with me...

Shattered Dreams

Dreams were shattered
suddenly one night,
by someone obsessed
with there selfishness light.

Through-out time I seem to wander
in a perilous flight,
knowing not where to go
lost in the lonely night.

I see you every day
with one intention in mind;
to be with you,
to have a good time.

I've tried to find a reason
that will explain why,
Our Dreams were shattered
without a season going by.

If love is to be true
then maybe one day,
out of the Shadows of Darkness*
our hearts will meet,
healing and mending,
without going astray.

@ 1989 Ray Aguilar

* Shadows of Darkness: a poem that I wrote, not yet published.

Poetry by Ray
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Written on 2006-01-09 at 16:56

Tags Hurt 

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How do you regain trust ? why are we so often drawn to what is not good for us ...leave the dark room and all its pain will find love , Iam sure A really good poem from you -Pia

Zoya Zaidi
Fantastic for a first write,
Yes! heart break is something which is always the most painful of all experiences,
And yet,I have hardly met any one who hasn't had a heart break! Strange, ain't it? most traumatic of all experience, yet most common as well...
xxxx, zoya