I was driving home the other day and while contemplating on life; listening to the news, talk radio, christian music, God... so I wondered...

The Hidden Treasure

Have you ever wondered
what you are searching for,
we have clues, we have words,
are they truths, are they false...

Do we search for a reason,
or is it just to pass a season,
do we read for knowledge,
or to find or fulfill a passion.

Is it hidden or is it created,
do we believe in it
or do we hate it?
Sometimes we do find it
but it hurts so we deny it.

We read so many stories
of faith and testimonies,
still we are so unhappy
for we can't find a link to His Holy Body.

Still we keep searching
for that beautiful Hidden Treasure,
when for long it has been beside us,
for how long, why do we measure?

I know, I know,
many will feel offended...
Why? Is it because it is Sacred?
Or is it because we can't fake it?

Emotions run dry
when deep inside we cry,
for many will spend
there whole entire life searching...
Many will die not knowing why
when all along He was by our side...

For many the journey
to the Hidden Treasure will end...
some will understand the meaning of it,
for others, the truth, they will bend...

So I will leave you
with a wonderful clue...
pain and suffering will be part of our life,
until we find that Hidden Treasure...
that has always been inside of us,
inside of me and you...

@ Ray Aguilar 2005

Poetry by Ray
Read 1588 times
Written on 2005-11-06 at 18:39

Tags Spiritual  Faith 

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Ithink every one is searching ,,but I think trick is knowing when you've found it,,good poem from a good poet,,,Eddy

Zoya Zaidi
What a philosophic, introspective,
Thought provoking, seeking & finding,
Inspirational, soul-searching piece...
A Ray of sunshine shining through...
I bow to you Ray!
xxx Zoya

So true, and so well formulated.

Yes we will look and keep on looking , but if we find how many will be disappointed one or all,food for thought my friend.