A Vision of Sadness

A bone cracked sadness, molecularly painful,
The only offering worn down in the buffeting winds,
Retaken in the cavernous realm of a bleeding heart,
Pulsated over and over, bittermelon on the tongue,
A disgusted-lip sadness, numbing echoes of actuality,
Knowing everlasting friendship is lost upon the majority,
Divine virtue has not a dwelling, odd tone laughs the disguise,
The withered brown bygone rose, once there were true smiles,
A return of once again long ago sadness, toxic blood,
Blight work on the page of creation, has it an end,
Is hope a reality or ephemeral page written falsity,
Drawn out suffocation, glass shatters upon mankind.

Darkness attracts the bats, burning light sets the angels ablaze.

Poetry by Jon Aflatooni
Read 1079 times
Written on 2006-10-20 at 17:38

Tags Light  Darkness  Humanity 

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