The Viewpoint

Within the garden of brilliant light,
Upon the slopes of Mount Carmel,
Lies a most holy spot, termed the viewpoint.

Many a day and many a night friends there sat,
Gazing far into the distance, far into the vision,
Vision of oneness, radiating the color of servitude.

Into the future they peered,
A silver city transforming into vast metropolis of spirit,
Flowers and verdure flowing and laughing,
Bright blue waters carrying queens and kings,
Here to pay homage, such humility, such signs to ponder.

The cool stone, legs hanging over the side,
Trees of beauty and glory to the right and behind,
Two friends beaming with love, gentle versus sung,
They face out and face in seeing all there is to see,
'the signs of Thy Kingdom and the mysteries of Thy Dominion', circling, twirling.

The viewpoint, their home, nowhere else to be!

Poetry by Jon Aflatooni
Read 823 times
Written on 2007-11-16 at 23:03

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