(November 10th, 2006) Due to the work being accomplished on the Bahá'í International Archives Building the items have been temporarily moved and styled in a completely new arrangement, featuring items not seen in recent years, in the Banquet Hall of t

The Archives Banquet

A rather brief and vast experience, the door is open and inviting,
Three elegant, serene cabinets beckon from the end of the room,

The right side holds the black and white pen portrait of the Bb,
With a nod the artist in Tabrz undertakes his unspoken desire,
Calm and lovely in charm, sits in cool composure, now wrapped in watercolor,
A request of Bah'u'llh, a precious gift to the world.

In the middle, three portrayals of Bah'u'llh, benediction, dervish, bathhouse,
An Armenian Christian to gaze upon the Ancient Beauty in Assyria,
Flowing black locks, light-brown skin tone, peaceful and happy,
The Wronged One of the world, three rivers of splendid joy,

On the left, the most captivating, tantalizing, awe-inspiring photograph ever taken in the history of man,
The setting, exact as a well known photo of 'Abdu'l-Bah, Bah'u'llh is overpowering,
Taken during the exile in Ottoman lands, a lasting legacy to such a privileged few,
A gentle reminder to look beyond the picture and behold His ever-present Spirit.

And weaving to and fro we travel into the roots of our Faith, tears and joy cascade through our souls;

The blue ring of Qudds, the triumphant sword of Mull Husayn,
A dull cannon ball from Tabars, sad segment of the stone floor of the Syh-Chl,
Simply eyeglasses and only known letter of Navvab,
Fluid handwriting of the Mrz Mihd, dust from the coffin of the Bb,
Colored pencils and drawing instruments of the Guardian,
A picture of Shoghi Effendi with a small smirk upon his countenance,
The Binoculars of 'Abdu'l-Bah, the brooch from Queen Maria of Romania,

The story was revitalizing, tender and heartfelt, penetrating,
The constant drum of the Fire within our souls was pulsating,
To fall in beat with the constant sacrifice and complete detachment our very eyes had witnessed,
To take our place and follow the guidance before us,
For Bah'u'llh is shining down, the Bb is wreathed in light,
'Abdu'l-Bah our constant guide, The Greatest Holy Leaf our brilliant archtype,
The Guardian our here and now, Navvab the Most Holy Mother with open ear.

Poetry by Jon Aflatooni
Read 1220 times
Written on 2006-11-10 at 16:18

Tags Religion  Soul 

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Zoya Zaidi
A beautiful descriptipn of Baha'ulla'h's Tepmle Relics.
Love, Zoya