Unfortunately, I was in depression when I lost a business I owned for 12 years. Drugs was a short term cure at the time. I realize now that the answer is not in drugs but in the Lord. I wrote this poem on 2003 when in therapy.


I once thought life was simple
until I came accross a wall
I lost my fate and crimpled
It seems I lost it all...

There are times when I can't see
what goes around me at all
I close my eyes to my despair
and realize I have risen and fall...

I can't even smell the flowers
enjoy the sun,the rain,the summer...
I look out the window;
I see no beauty
Oh! what a bummer...

It happened so fast
I created a fake
to see myself like this
what the hell I did
S*#@t give me a break...

Many got hurt
not knowing why
I realized to late
now they are gone "bye-bye"...

I am deeply sorry for this
maybe one day I will be forgiven...
but I understand now
that life for granted
shall never be taken...

@ Ray Aguilar 2003

Poetry by Ray
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Written on 2005-09-30 at 20:24

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great poem wonderful job i think that people can really relate to this poem i know i can:)
amber lynn

Well written! I can really feel your pain...

Commentally Ill
this feels like one of two things:

a serious attempt at poetry (in which case i applaud the effort and hope you have continued to chase the craft).

or a sarcastic jab at would-be believers (the pessimistic skeptic in me would leave me leaning that direction).

which it is, i really can't decide.

bummer and bye-bye....

(but gives you a break) :) (hope you'll do the same)

Drugs can be so cruel!! I've been down that road...
A great poem though, it was like I could feel the pain.
Wish you all the best in life!