every once in a while i'm afraid i'll wake up from this dream in a white padded room, then i realize that this is no dream.

sorry rob, it just came to me.

character analysis

[let's lose the friction
between fiction and reality
blur the lines]

let's become entirely
unsure of ourselves

holy mary mother of god,
or magdalene, the christ-bitch
whichever we want to be
let mary martin lead the children
away from reality

a new pan for a new age?

let's moralize the situation
make it uncomfortable; controversial even

wear masks and change the world
because it is just a stage

let's misquote shakespeare and moliere
and live our own fucked up tragedies
(but rewrite the ending)

our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies.

Poetry by Zachary P. B.
Read 898 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 02:52

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I liked this poem!!! Really enjoyed reading it. Great idea. I liked the end the most.
"our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies"

Amanda K
you did dive into deep waters man. we can't live but our age . anyhow, I liked the idea of you poem.

katie marie
hey so wen i read this before it was kinda hard to follow. but now that i see it here i love it. zach this poem is amazing!!

Kathy Lockhart
I love your exploration of style. Wonderfully done MSZ!

our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies.

I love this nugget of poetry gold. I see you're exploring a new, though somewhat related theme to your previous one. Silence and now fiction. I appreciate your universal sentiments and am impressed by your use of punctuation for emphasis. Bravo, my friend.

I love it!

all the thoughts we've had these past weeks put down into one nicely written poem. I feel the confusement and frustration.

I like the most:

our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies..

so true. for all of us it seems. great poem, z.