this goes to my ex boy friend Troy Mitchem who has made my life horrible and now is making my friend hate me and making her life horrible.

I hate you

You screwed my life up completely
To where I was no longer me
You messed me up so bad
Ruined the life I had
Now you go to my friend
This is where it shall end
You will not hurt her you hear
I wont let you near
You already made her like me
Don't you see?
You're getting everyone depressed
And us all stressed
You can't do this to her she's my friend
At the graveyard isn't where I want to spend
But it's going to be like that if you go further
You already managed to hurt her
I hate you
Now she has to start over new
Leave her alone
Aren't you grown?
If she were to die
Then you would be the one to cry
Because you'll never be able to live without regret
I wished we wouldn't have even met
Then life would be ok
Because of you I have to fear for her everyday

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 442 times
Written on 2006-10-24 at 20:59

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brian paglia
powerful and honest.Yes, seperation from this person appears hugh.