This is sort of written as a poetic response to EmelĂŠn's "and you were a twinflower when". While hers had her specially imbued beauty, this might be a bit more morose..

Resurrection of a Marionette

Robbed of will
as the rape of the rope
persists its brutal love
for wood and twine

Abolish the bonds
as the bringer of blood
desists its relentless play
with choice and gravity

Avert your eyes
as the child of chains
incites its limbs to jerk
in freedom and tears

Poetry by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1460 times
Written on 2006-10-27 at 17:16

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Morose is true, Thomas!

However, not having read Emelén's poem yet and still just glued to your words here, I read so much about a child who has been 'used' as a 'live-through-object' for a parent who never had her/his own dreams filled.


Emelén The PoetBay support member heart!
I am muted , kneeling before you .
Drawn to your twinocean, lips pressed against your genius .
- silence now follows .

Thought prokoving piece of writing. Class!