Holding onto nothing

It seems so wrong
That I've been waiting so long
For the distance
Of your presence
I can't believe I'm still hear
Risking my whole career
Just to sit and wait
All the distinctive views I create
Nothing is more to me
Then what my eyes want to see
What my heart wants to hold
To have in the blistering cold
Nothing more than you
Without you I have no clue
My heart holds you forever
Waiting for you and I to be together
My heart is empty now
For I have found out how
How you've had me holding on to you
When my heart had no clue
You were gone and my heart didn't recognize
That you were no longer a compromise
You went away
And my heart thought you wanted to stay
So it kept onto you
I've been holding onto air for now you are gone and I don't know what to do

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 423 times
Written on 2006-10-28 at 18:59

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:) u will find someone else with a huge heart