Sharing a Smile (does my heart good)

It does my heart good
to share a smile
with someone
so cherished
and more than

It does my heart good
to share a smile
with a rare talent
such as yourself
I wish you all the best
happiness, good health &
plenty of wealth

It does my heart good
to send your's even a
moment's glee
for all the times I've read
and your gift has given
joy to me

It does my heart good
to share a smile
because you've
given so many
I'm still in debted to
you because as far as
smiles you've given plenty

so for all the times you've
give on to me I'll give
one back once in a while
they're are a few ppl.
you're one of the finest
that I don't mind
sharing a Smile


Just a note to a friend

Poetry by Will
Read 442 times
Written on 2006-10-30 at 19:17

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nice poem here for your friend

A beautuful write :)))lovely words to a friend so dear to you!
smiles can say so much to ones heart as a smile does not need a lauguage! it has so much meaning !!
so here is a smile for you my friend
lovely read

Kathy Lockhart
This is a beautiful poem of caring and friendship. A smile can lift up, light up, and bring joy to a single soul and/or to the whole world. Here's a smile for you Will. : )